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Heard today that Speak Up is closing its doors in the next couple of days. When I was first starting to discover my passion for design, Speak Up and its fellow underconsideration sites played a big role in my devour-every-bit-of-knowledge-I-can-find stage. Reading the articles and comments, I was able to learn some basic and not […]

Poking around Hillman Curtis today I found a video about one of my heroes, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, had teamed up with Brian Eno on a new album. You can listen to the whole thing online of buy it in digital and/or physical form at As it turns out, the lyric booklet, […]

I’m Not Dead


Had a good winter break and I’m ready to hit the Graphics 360 pad running. Had a good time at designCamp networking and talking about the issues that effect our work. Looking into hosting a similar event for DFW soon. Lots of exciting things finally coming together, including the launch of our new arts/culture blog […]

The Typography of Mad Men Mark Simonson Studio via Daring Fireball Mad Men is an amazing show on AMC about an ad agency in the 1960’s. Beautiful art direction and tons of details make it feel very genuine and really draws you into the story. But as Mark Simonson points out, not all details are […]

Tomorrow we will be meeting for VENT creative lunch at Rip Rocks on Fry from noon to one o’clock. Afterwords I will be heading down to Deep Ellum for Dallas Jelly at Eyegate Media if anyone wants to come with. More info can be found on the untVENT forum here.

Ricky Yamashita posted this on VENT and it blew my mind. There are tons more at the link. Very interesting how different the vernacular is from what was going on in American movie poster design at the time. Even cinematic masterpieces like Crocodile Dundee didn’t get as amazing posters in the USA. If I saw […]