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Timeless Clock


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Comparing a typeface to another typeface and keeping it real. Century’s serifs are more slanted. The apex of Cheltenham’s upper case A sticks out. The serif’s of the capital T on Cheltenham are more vertical. The crossbar of the G on Century is the same length on both sides, but it is bigger on the […]

A fun post on my buddy Rob Fitzhenry‘s blog. LINK HERE

I’ve grown really tired of not making stuff. Everything I’ve done over the last few months has been so carefully planned and taken so much time, I just wanted to get some ideas out and get some juices flowing. Powered up Illustrator and here’s what happened.

Body Copy


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The biggest differences between Centaur and Garamond are that Centaur has a bit more of an oldstyle feel to it. The slant of the bar on the lower case ‘e’ is more pronounced in Centaur and the top of the descender bowl drops below the baseline. While the stresses are similar, the stroke direction in […]