Heard today that Speak Up is closing its doors in the next couple of days.

When I was first starting to discover my passion for design, Speak Up and its fellow underconsideration sites played a big role in my devour-every-bit-of-knowledge-I-can-find stage. Reading the articles and comments, I was able to learn some basic and not so basic things that I still use often.

I can only say I wish I had found it sooner.

Thanks Armin and crew.

speak up

Make A Scene Poster - Finished

I’m a firm believer in not faking what you can make. I took color plates of four famous paintings and printed them one at a time on the page. You can’t fake the real layer of ink and this is pretty much as close as I can get to the broadside aesthetic without full blown screen printing/letterpress.

Make your own!

As you may have heard, a few of us have been working on getting an unofficial sister organization to Vent going. is now live and to celebrate we’re having an official launch party at Haileys next Friday night. We’re going to have collaborative art projects going on, a gallery, and of course drinking and dancing to Denton’s finest DJs.

To help spread the word, Dave came up with the idea to have people make their own posters for the event and post them up around both campuses in Denton. So if you get a creative itch, whip put your crayola markers and get to work!

Those of you on twitter, please use the hashtag #MakeAScene when tweeting about the event. Thanks guys, hope to see you there.

Hand Made



Using my scanner and my fingers.

Poking around Hillman Curtis today I found a video about one of my heroes, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, had teamed up with Brian Eno on a new album. You can listen to the whole thing online of buy it in digital and/or physical form at As it turns out, the lyric booklet, special edition pack, and website were all designed by another hero, Sagmeister.